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Using mind maps in creative thinking exercises

There are some important elements one needs to know if you want to improve your creative thinking.

According to psychological research, these elements include the use of colors, shapes, unique elements, and dimensions.

More studies show that mind maps are the best tools to promote creative thinking. Promotes skills commonly associated with creativity, especially imagination, flexibility, and association of ideas.

What are the mental maps? Mind maps are visual diagrams with lines and bubbles that represent ideas and the relationships between them.

The central idea is in the middle with related themes branching out from them. It is then broken down into different subtopics that relate to the central idea.

By using mind maps as an exercise in creative thinking, this can encourage people to come up with many creative and innovative ideas. There are 5 stages of the creative thinking process:

1) The rapid-fire mind map explosion

Choose any topic that interests you. To represent that theme, draw a center picture on a blank piece of paper or whatever material you can write on. You need to let the ideas flow as quickly as possible to encourage new ideas. At first you may feel that some ideas seem illogical or nonsensical, but write them down because these ideas may come in handy later.

2) First reconstruction and revision

Take a short break and let your mind rest and integrate ideas. Create another one, but this time, try to categorize the preliminary ideas. You can build hierarchies and attention should be paid to identical ideas. Through mind maps, people can explore and grow.

3) incubation

Creative ideas often occur when the brain is relaxed (sleeping, daydreaming, running, etc.). The thought process can create likely breakthroughs at this stage.

4) Second reconstruction and revision

At this stage, you have a new perception of your first and second mind maps, so it would be a good time to do another mind map blast. Integrate the information gathered in stages 1, 2 and 3 to create a final Map.

5) The final stage

After creating the final mind map, all you need to do now is search for the decision, solutions, and realizations, as this was your original goal.

Once you have tried these 5 stages of creative thinking, you will be amazed at all the innovative and creative ideas that come your way.

For those who have not had any experience with mind maps, there is mind mapping software available on the market today. Computer-based mind mapping is as good as the traditional mind mapping method. By using mind maps, you can now discover your creative thinking.

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