Electric Cars – Build Your Own!

Every day I read about how electric cars will arrive, and soon! Tea New York Times says that “work is being done on a national electric car charging infrastructure.” “It consists of electricity charging points with plugs throughout the country.”

Y Forbes The magazine had just published an article that said: “A future in which drivers tell utility companies when and where to charge their electric vehicles and with what source of energy (wind, sun or coal, for example) they could be two years “.

But you don’t have to wait. In fact, you can start turning your gasoline car into an electric car today! This means that your car will no longer use gasoline. You will install special batteries in your car and only those will provide the power. It used to be very expensive to do such a conversion, but new electric car technology has made it easy and affordable for everyone.

How are you going to do this? You need to buy an electric car conversion kit or an instruction manual first. They are available on the Internet for immediate download. They usually cost between $ 35 and $ 50. Next, you will need tools and parts. These manuals show you how to find free batteries and other parts. The total cost of the entire conversion could cost as little as $ 300 (not including the manual).

Then follow the instructions step by step. Your car should be able to go about 50 mph and travel about 100 miles on a single charge. You “refuel” your new electric car simply by plugging it into an outlet. Then you are ready to go another 100 miles. You will never have to pay for gas again! In addition, your car does not emit any polluting by-products or generate unpleasant noises.

The best part is that the state and federal government will actually pay you to drive an electric car. There are deep discounts available for electric cars. When you add it all up (the money saved on gas, the rebates), you’re not really spending a penny on the conversion. In fact, you are making money!

This is not only a fun project, but you will also learn all about renewable energy. Large batteries that can store electricity for transportation and wind and solar generation are the next big industry. These batteries are the key to clean technology.

As the song says, “times are changing”. They sure are. As Detroit collapses, the writing on the wall is clear: Electric cars are the future. It is an incredible vision and you can be a part of it today!

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