Turn your truck into a grocery hauler

The idea of ​​carrying groceries home in the back of a truck doesn’t sound appealing to most people. The mind’s eye goes almost immediately to the cereal or cookie boxes blowing in the wind; possibly ending up on the side of the road. Heavy items are likely to crush and completely destroy items like chips or bread.

Weather is another factor when transporting groceries in the back of the truck. Plastic shopping bags only go so far to help protect items from rain. The boxes will get soggy, quickly ruining the contents. The solution is quite simple and inexpensive.

Install these 3 items

Truck Bed Liner – A non-slip surface is perfect for large items like dog food or cases of bottled water. A bed liner will also keep other items in place. It will help keep all the grocery items in place with the help of the next item on the list; the grocery hugger.

An added benefit of installing a bed liner is that it will protect the paint on the truck bed. A lot of times the bed is the first to get damaged and rust because people just throw things in the back of the truck without worrying about scratching the paint. A bed liner will help protect against damaged paint and rust.

Grocery Hugger: This small device is designed to hug up to 15 bags of groceries and hold them securely in place. Works on your trunk, floorboards, or in the back of your truck. Simply place the bags where they need to be, tighten the hugger around them and Velcro them into place.

A great alternative to embracing grocery stores is the installation of bullrings and a hammock for grocery stores. Simply tie both sides of the grocery store hammock to the bullrings and your purchases are safely within reach when you stop by. A bed liner may not be required if you use a hammock, as all of your items will rest on top of the hammock instead of sitting on the bed of the truck.

Truck Topper – A topper gives the truck a sleek, SUV-like appearance. It offers a weather-resistant cover for anything that needs to be transported in the back of a truck. A topper is the perfect solution for waterproofing the truck bed.

Benefits of a Truck Topper

Hauling other items, such as mulch or furniture, is precarious in bad weather. It seems that we can never really trust meteorologists anymore; Test that theory by planning a motorcycle ride or outdoor event. A shower is likely to appear at the worst possible time. A truck topper keeps all the items in your truck bed dry and secure, no matter how hard it rains or how strong the wind blows.

Never worry about transporting dry goods again

Those three items don’t cost a fortune and will make carrying groceries in the truck bed a doddle. Worry no more about spilled bags when you get home; or missing or destroyed items. Keep your grocery items securely in place in the back of the truck without spending a fortune on another car or SUV.

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