Is eSIM Available in Vietnam?

eSIM Available in Vietnam

A lot of travelers want to connect to the Internet when traveling in Vietnam. It’s easy enough to find free WiFi in hotels and restaurants, but that can get tricky when exploring the countryside or staying at a homestay or hostel.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem: eSIM for Vietnam! With the help of eSIM, you can enjoy a high-speed connection in Vietnam, without having to worry about data limits or international roaming fees. With the right eSIM, you can stay connected to the Internet throughout your trip in Vietnam and share all of the memorable experiences with friends and family back home!

The good news is that vietnam esim are fully compatible with most smartphone models, and they work on the same network as local SIMs. You can purchase eSIMs online, either through the website (such as Holafly) or by using an App (such as Truphone). You’ll receive the eSIM profile QR code via email or by using the eSIM app, and you’ll be able to install it in your phone before your trip to Vietnam.

Is eSIM Available in Vietnam?

When your eSIM is installed in your phone, you’ll need to turn off your regular SIM’s mobile data. This is to prevent overage charges while you’re in Vietnam. You can do this on your phone’s Settings, or through the eSIM app. Then, make sure that you turn on your eSIM and select it as your primary mobile connection. After that, you’ll be able to use all of your favorite apps in Vietnam, including Instagram and YouTube, with no worries about running out of data.

One of the best eSIM providers for traveling to Vietnam is Airalo, which provides affordable data plans for over 190 countries. The company’s eSIM for Vietnam comes with 1GB of data in 7 days, and costs only $4.5. It’s a good choice for short trips, but you can also choose a more extensive plan if you’re planning to stay in Vietnam for a long time.

Gigago is another great option for travelers to Vietnam, as it offers several different data packages for the country. You can choose between GIGA7, GIGA10, GIGA15, and GIGA120. Gigago’s eSIM for Vietnam works on the MVNO Vinaphone, which means that you’ll have a high-speed connection and no international roaming charges.

In addition to offering a wide range of data plans, Gigago also has an easy-to-use eSIM app. The app makes the entire process quick and seamless, so you can get started with your eSIM for Vietnam in no time. Just make sure that you select a plan that fits your budget and mobile needs, and then scan the eSIM’s QR code to add it to your phone. You’ll be ready to start using the Internet in no time!

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