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10 reasons you need granite countertops in your kitchen

Granite countertops are known to be both aesthetically and functionally attractive pieces for any kitchen or bathroom. Instead of hanging onto your old laminate, stainless steel, or wood countertops, go for the classic, timeless look that comes with granite countertops. There are many stipulations and stereotypes that come with granite countertops, but there are also ten reasons why adding granite countertops to your kitchen could be a great decision for you.

  1. Esthetic: Granite is visually attractive, colorful and a material that does not go out of style. Granite countertops will give your kitchen the added personality it needs and deserves. Today, there are so many designs and colors to choose from that you are guaranteed to find the right granite style and color for you.
  2. Sustainable: Since granite can withstand extremely large amounts of pressure, heat, and water, this style of countertop has the potential to last forever. Granite is perfect for that type of home where the kitchen is frequently used for cooking and entertaining.
  3. Maintenance: Granite hardly requires any maintenance to keep it looking new. Due to its durability, granite is easily cleaned with soap and water and frequent cleaning will keep it intact for years.
  4. Variety: Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. There are so many styles and types of granite that it will be easy for you to find the perfect style for your taste and your kitchen.
  5. Cleansed: As mentioned above, granite is easily cleaned and maintained. As a bonus, granite is known for its ability to resist bacteria and other unsanitary properties that could cause damage to your kitchen.
  6. Natural: Granite is a common type of rock that occurs naturally in the environment. You can go green by selecting a product that does not use plastic or other man-made contaminants during the manufacturing process.
  7. Sympathetic: Heat, pressure and water resistant properties make granite an excellent countertop option for homes with children. With the rock’s durability, you won’t have to worry about kids damaging countertops by scratching or staining, making it a very user-friendly option for a wide variety of home types.
  8. Unique: Because granite comes in various shapes, styles, and patterns, it is safe to say that you will have a unique countertop that is unlike any other countertop style and is less likely to be duplicated by someone else interested in putting granite in your home.
  9. Resistant: Granite will last longer than any other countertop material with its heat and pressure resistance properties. While the starting price for granite countertops may seem high, the durability of the countertops makes your purchase an investment.
  10. Accessible: While granite may seem expensive at first, the price of granite is actually very affordable in the long run. Since granite does not require maintenance or repairs, this is a practical and affordable investment that comes with a one-time cost and not a lot of maintenance cost. Not to mention, right now Savvy is selling 8 different colors for $ 38 a square foot!

As you can see, granite is a perfect affordable investment for homes that love entertainment, homes with children, or homes looking to improve their aesthetics for the future. The timeless durability and low maintenance that come with granite countertops practically pay off in the long run.

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