6 Types of Car Insurance Coverage First-Time Car Owners Should Know About

But, it still doesn’t detract from the importance of covering your car with a good car insurance plan since you don’t know what will happen to your car later on.

For example, at the time of a major accident, you have to pay all the repair costs yourself if you don’t cover your car with a good car insurance plan. So you don’t need to pay a penny just to get your car repaired when accidents happen. The same is also true for other unexpected things, such as theft, disasters, and defective vehicles.

Here are 6 types of car insurance coverage that first-time car owners should know about:

1. Accident. Accidents happen at unexpected times. It may be caused by your own recklessness, or it may be caused by the recklessness of other drivers. Also, accidents can occur due to disasters, such as floods or fires. The point is that if your car is damaged due to some accident, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your car.

2. Damaged car. Perhaps, you are driving for a few miles down the highway and then in the middle of your journey your car is defective. The engine is having trouble and the car cannot move, or its tire is flat. This can become a big problem for you. But luckily the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your car in this emergency situation. Some companies may also offer roadside assistance for their clients.

3. Car make and model. The make and model of your car will also affect the type of car insurance you get. If you have a new car or if you buy a luxury car, you will have better coverage for damages. However, you have to pay more for the premium as it could cost more money to repair the damage to your car. This is different if you buy a second-hand car with high mileage.

Four. Personal guilt. Sometimes you may be driving your car and due to your carelessness it could cause an accident with other cars. Other cars may suffer some damage from the accident, and other drivers may also need to be sent to the hospital. The car insurance plan generally provides the cost of coverage for car damage or medical problems caused by your personal fault.

5. Uninsured driver. The auto insurance company also offers uninsured driver coverage at the time the driver causes an accident that results in damage to other vehicles. This way, you don’t have to pay all the financial charges yourself, as the car insurance company will cover the cost for you.

6. Driver experience. If you don’t have a lot of experience with cars then you could fall into the high risk category for the auto insurance company as you are more likely to have accidents on the road. So you generally have to pay more premium costs, but in exchange for that, you get better coverage for any damage. If you are already an experienced driver, you will fall into the low risk category and pay lower insurance costs as you may not file insurance claims often.

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