Why a Great War is Overdue – Part One

Every war has its casualties and none more than the two world wars of the last century. Millions of people died as a direct result of the bombings and other things caused by the war. Others died of starvation, burial in concentration camps and as slaves in enemy projects. Millions more died in actual combat while on the battlefields. The entire human cost of war is astronomical. Since then, however, the population has exploded.

While wars are one way to reduce population, it appears that they have not stopped the wave of human population growth. This is a contentious issue as most think that human life is sacred. However, this is not how God sees it, according to biblical prophecies.

Due to my reincarnation, it is proof that all people have come back to life at this time. It is in the Bible that this would happen (Isaiah 26:19) and that it is a time of judgment. We have lived six times before (Job 5: 19-21) and each time it has been a testing ground to grow in the spirit, which is within us.

Every time we die we go back and live according to what we did in the previous life. If we were persecuted we became persecutors, if we were black we became white, and vice versa. Those who were murderers are now watching their children murdered while suffering the consequences.

It is easy for religious to overlook these things as fanciful, because they have no knowledge. But look around you for huge population growth and other signs. In Micah 4: 1, God promised that at the end of days a great mountain of knowledge would appear. It has, the internet is bigger and bigger than any other mountain around and everyone is tuned into it.

Now that we have returned and the groundwork is done, a major war is looming that is inescapable. Whether it starts with North Korea or a Civil War in the US, even in the Middle East, the reality is that we face the end. It will come through what the Spirit established in the prophecies and it will be fast and furious.

“… because they have seduced my people, saying: Peace, and there was no peace: and one built a wall and others smeared it with untempered mortar … I will even break it with a stormy wind in my fury; and .. . an overflowing rain in my anger; and great hailstones in my fury to consume it “ Ezekiel 13:10, 13

We have witnessed stormy winds in the form of cyclones, tornadoes, and super storms. The overflowing rain has taken the form of tsunamis that have inundated the earth and destroyed millions. Big hailstones are bombs. In the days these words were written they were described as such because no one knew of death that comes from airplanes in the sky.

What God spoke here is happening now. These are the warning signs that a major war is coming and death will follow for the majority of the human population.

“And the dead of God will be in that day from one end of the earth to the other … they will be as dung on the ground” Jeremiah 26:33

What has made God so angry that this is happening and why now in our time?

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