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Get ready for a bike ride like never before from Mumbai!

Living in Mumbai and not planning a bike ride? When you live in Mumbai, you have the option to choose one among many places to go cycling. It’s the best way to refresh yourself and get the benefit of a hectic and busy routine. So now that you’ve thought about buying a set of new bikes and are ready to ride, here are some options!

1. Bhandardara is a great place to visit through a bike ride. You can take the Murbad route, which is located about 160 km from Mumbai. The roads are really good, but there are also a lot of difficult ghats. This route has a lot of scenic beauty and would be a brilliant experience for anyone who loves to ride a bike. With rolling hills, lots of greenery, and places with water, this is a place you won’t want to miss.

2. Pelhar Dam is the nearest place to plan a road cycling trip from Mumbai. It is very close to Mumbai; just about 58 km and gives you a quick response to a bike ride that is decided on impulse. Pelhar Dam is perfect for a short walk and is only 3 km from Vajreshwari. The reservoir is accompanied by a large waterfall located nearby. The waterfall attracts many tourists; especially around monsoons. On the way to Pelhar Dam, you will see a lot of wildlife and that is thanks to the Tungareshwar range.

3. Alibaug – An amazing beach to go down if you live in Mumbai. It is a busy area and is the perfect example of a short trip to get energized. About 95 km from Mumbai, the beach is quite crowded and attracts many tourists. The route is pretty good and doesn’t really give you any problems. You can reach the place in about 3 hours and be the perfect ride with friends and their bikes.

4. Lonavala is the place to be. We have all heard of it and it is the most popular option in Mumbai. A bike ride from Bangalore to Mumbai would be a great journey instead of taking a car. The walk is refreshing and one of the monsoons is a good time to visit. The route is quite good and you can see a lot of scenic beauty.

5. Kashid Beach is about 125 km from Mumbai and is the perfect definition of a clean and well-maintained beach to have a good time. There are many adventure sports and you will also have a comfortable ride to the place. The beach (murud) is about 40 km from Kashid and is a must visit. The roads are good enough and the drive along the coast is simply the best experience. It’s a bit far compared to the other options, but the bike’s mileage is increased on the highway; I wouldn’t put too much pressure on your wallet.

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