Your Greatest Power – Book Review

By: J. Martin Kohe (2004)

ISBN 0-937539-04-X

Book Price: $12.95

a most popular book

Dr. Kohe began his adult life as a lawyer, but left his practice to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Balwin-Wallace College. He is best known for his work as an author. His most popular book, “Your Greatest Power,” has sold more than 250,000 copies. He has a powerful audio lecture on ten ways to deal with inevitable discouragement.

find the lost treasure

Within 5 chapters, J. Martin Kohe presents the power to choose (Chap. 1) and 4 options; Wealth (Chap. 2), Conditions (Chap. 3), our Personality (Chap. 4) and Happiness (Chap. 5). In the last chapter, W. Clement Stone discusses an article on hidden treasures and how to find the greatest power. Following the article there are 17 points to get the treasure.

Useful principles to act to choose a better life

J. Martin Kohe inspires readers with personal language and strong encouraging promises. His introductions grab attention like: “You are the possessor of a great and wonderful power. This power, when applied correctly, will bring confidence instead of shyness, calm instead of confusion, poise instead of restlessness…”

Kohe boldly announces his point: “The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose.”

By reading this inspiring classic, readers will be motivated to make worthwhile life decisions and stick with them. Martin Kohe expresses this in his chapter on choosing wealth, saying, “If we don’t change our thinking, we can never hope to change our financial position…we must change our inner thoughts.”

Simple illustrations are preceded by powerful, crisp statements. Kohe writes, “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. The phone was a thought in Bell’s mind before it became a phone.” If you can think it, you can have it!

Martin’s message empowers and frees readers to take charge of their future. His language follows suit, such as, “We can control our thoughts…by controlling our thoughts…we are INDIRECTLY ABLE TO CONTROL CONDITIONS.”

W. Clement Stone’s comments seal the message of this great book. He writes: “…this applies only to those of us who have learned HOW to develop the habit of taking ACTION when we recognize a usable principle…”

choose life

J. Martin Kohe teaches readers how to choose greater happiness, strengthen the personality, and master the conditions of life.

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