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Why gun control has nothing to do with the second amendment

The Second Amendment clearly states that United States citizens have the right to “have and bear arms” for “traditionally legal purposes.” But while the goal of the Second Amendment is noble, this right, as is evident in the many murder cases in both urban and rural areas of the country, can be especially abused by reckless (and even mentally unstable) people.

Recently, two mass shooting incidents shocked the nation and attracted sympathy from many countries around the world. Whether these shooting incidents can be classified as hate crimes or have other inexplicable reasons, the fact remains that several innocent people were brutally murdered due to the irresponsible use of firearms.

Because of this, concerned and law-abiding citizens and legislators constantly debate an age-old issue of whether or not the public should be allowed to carry guns. People who don’t support the idea of ​​gun regulations say these measures are a flagrant violation of the constitutional rights of all Americans. Proponents of this idea, on the other hand, argue that the basic idea of ​​gun control laws is plain and simple, and that it is the responsible possession of firearms.

Illinois is one of several states that began implementing gun control restrictions since the 1970s. But because these laws are against the Second Amendment, the state has consistently faced legal challenges over these restrictions. And many times, these laws have been repealed and abolished. For example, sometime in 2010, the Supreme Court struck down the state’s firearm ban because it was deemed illegal and unconstitutional.

But while it is true that the Second Amendment can powerfully remove all gun control laws in the country, the people who oppose these laws are missing the point. These gun laws are not an attack on the Second Amendment. They are much more, and this is what they are prepared to achieve.

Gun laws seek to regulate the use of firearms in all parts of the country for the sake of public safety. When we say “regular”, it can have a variety of meanings. For example, before a person is allowed to buy a gun, part of gun control legislation may require that person to undergo appropriate training. A person may lose control of himself and may resort to destructive means, especially when overwhelmed by an intense feeling of anger. Therefore, to ensure that irresponsible use of firearms is avoided, proper training in the handling and use of firearms cannot be overemphasized.

On top of that, these gun control laws are meant to ensure that everyone obtains their firearms legally. With the continuing threat of terrorism, it pays to have a system designed to correct any unauthorized treatment and use of firearms.

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