What Are the UiPath Certifications?

UiPath Certifications

The three UiPath certifications are: System Administrator, Certified Professional, and Robotic Process Automation Developer. All three are high-stakes certification programs, and earning these credentials can enhance your professional standing and boost your job efficiency. These three certifications are useful for professionals looking to become a UiPath expert, as they will provide them with the skills needed to build robust RPA applications.

The UiPath Academy provides all of the training materials you need to pass these exams, and the courses are broken up into easy-to-understand chapters, so that even the most tech-savvy person can master the subject matter. You’ll find that the courses are well-written, straightforward, and even enjoyable. As a beginner, you’ll want to begin with the Foundation training before moving on to more advanced training, such as the uipath certification.

The Advanced RPA Developer certification is an advanced certification that tests a deeper level of knowledge and skill. You will need a driver’s license, passport, or any other government-issued ID to take the exam. In addition to the exam itself, you’ll have to submit a digital photo and digital signature to prove you’ve learned everything you can from the UiPath Academy.

What Are the UiPath Certifications?

The Associate level of the UiPath Certified RPA Developer is designed for those with little to no technical knowledge. This certification is suitable for beginners and intermediates, and it’s not necessary to hold the Advanced certification in order to take it. However, the Advanced RPA Developer certification is ideal for professionals with at least six months of experience and the ability to take on complex automation projects on their own.

The RPA Developer Advanced Certification validates the knowledge of UiPath automation. It consists of 45 multiple-choice questions that assess your knowledge of UiPath components and features. It aligns with the official RPA Developer Advanced Certification exam and includes latest best practices and case studies. There are four levels of the RPA Developer Advanced certification. The RPA Developer Advanced certification is the highest level.

The Master RPA Professional (UiRPA) is a high-level sap analytics cloud training that demonstrates expertise. It requires the ability to build bots for complex automation tasks. Certification involves Q&A assessments, bot-building, and an interview. This certification requires knowledge of both the UiPath platform and advanced features. All three are valuable for RPA professionals. You can complete them to gain an edge over competitors.

The Associate Developer certification is an entry-level qualification that tests the candidate’s knowledge of Blue Prism’s mandatory concepts and functionality. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions covering the Blue Prism system automation framework. Questions cover various topics, including Blue Prism native functions, process discovery, and datatypes. In addition, the exam covers the proper use of attributes to properly identify elements. This certification is designed to demonstrate knowledge of Blue Prism, including the Blue Prism ROM.

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