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Triceps bribes: way to bigger arms

First of all, let me start by saying that the exercise I’m about to write is absolutely Macho Man Randy SAVAGE! They can be one of my absolute favorites to do, and they deliver unmatched results in the muscle work they’re designed for.

That exercise is ….. Tricep Kickbacks. Triceps kickbacks are critical to gaining muscle in your arms, and considering that the triceps make up 2/3 of the arms, if you’re looking to have huge arms, this is a great way to help.

You don’t need to try too hard doing triceps kickbacks, you just need to focus on the right forum and represent it. Complete each repetition and don’t give up. Your arms will burn, burn and burn and burn, especially if you toss them at the end of a triceps or chest day.

To do kickbacks effectively, you need a flat bench and a dumbbell. You could probably do it with a stability ball as well, which gave me an idea for my next workout. I’ll get in touch with you and let you know how it works next time.

To start the exercise you are going to put the weight on the ground to the left of the bench or ball, then you are going to put your right leg on the bench or ball. Next, you will take the weight and lift your arm with your elbow bent until your elbow is parallel to the ground. Then, without moving the arm position, you will lift the weight until the arm is completely straight. Then you will lower the weight to the starting position. That is a full replay.

Some tips for this exercise would be to keep your elbow close to your sides and look straight ahead at all times. You want to make sure to squeeze the triceps muscle at the top and, as always, do it hard from the first rep to the end.

In short, to sum up this exercise in one word … WILD … That’s it, wild. If you are looking to gain muscle or have bigger arms this will work for you, if you are looking for great definition this will work for you. It is a complete exercise that will enlarge your arms and it may end up becoming one of your favorite exercises.

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