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Speech by the brother of the bride

The brother of the bride can serve as the best man of the groom or the man of the bride. In this case, the speech of the brother of the bride is essential. How do you write the speech of a brother of the bride?

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to writing this specific type of speech as follows.

Brother of the Bride Speech: How to Write One


The outline of the bride’s brother’s speech is basically the same as the other speeches. You start with the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The only difference is that you would speak of the bride as your sister. Given this, you will be able to give the audience a different view of the bride’s description. You can tell the audience funny stories about yourself and the girlfriend when you were younger and how you feel about her as your sister.

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  • In addition to this, you can also give your boyfriend advice on how to handle your sister’s mood swings. It will also help if you give him concrete situations that can help the groom to understand his wife even more. Just make sure to refrain from revealing negative points about your sister during your brother-of-the-bride speech.
  • Don’t say anything about how physical he gets when you fight or how he always talks to you when you have a disagreement about something. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship with your sister.
  • Through your speech, tell your sister how much she means to you. Tell her how much you will miss her once she is gone. Make sure she knows that you love her and that she will continue to love her as long as you live.
  • You can also talk about your accomplishments and what you are like with your siblings. How responsible he is with his studies and his work. Give importance to your positive attributes as a person. How it helped you in times of need. Your speech should serve as a testimony to how much you love your family above anything else.
  • You can also be brotherly and offer protection. You can remind the boyfriend that if he ever comes home crying or hurt, you will always be there to protect him and hunt down the boyfriend if necessary. But make sure you’re kidding.

Speech of the brother of the bride: the importance

The bride’s brother’s speech is important because, as mentioned above, it will give insight into your relationship with your sister before the wedding. It will help the audience and the groom to understand you as a family person.

It will also be an opportunity for you to express how much you care for your sister and how much you would be willing to do for her if she needs you.

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