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Lupe Fiasco Mixtape

Mixtapes have conquered the music industry. They are the new thing and there are several visual artists who are dabbling in mixtapes. In today’s music scene, the only singer who stands out in the mixed tape business is Lupe Fiasco. Their latest Enemy-of-the-State mixtape is a great mix of songs that may not be as good as their full versions, but the album does come with interesting twists and some very clever, quality lyrics and beat usage. This album is without a doubt among the best rap releases of our time. The album has twelve incredible tracks, which are actually copies of one song or another. Lupe mixes the scams so well that they’ve become great hip-hop songs in their own right.

Lupe’s signature style and quality make this blend unique. The mixed media world has seen some sad disappointments from the most promising stars in the mixed media segment. Kanye West didn’t follow up on his pioneering debut with anything substantial, Lil Wayne is nothing but mediocre, Jay-Z has improved his flow, and 50 Cent makes you laugh.

Lupe Fiasco has made better use of the mixed tape category and is poised to excel. Although Enemy-of-the-State is brilliant as a mixed media tape, it has its share of regrettable mistakes. The introductory piece is a simultaneous electro-strike and synchronized rope torture device. The second song is an excellent rendition of Radioheads The National Anthem. The rap number marks the accelerated word stitching and the lyrics remind us of the current state of affairs in hip-hop culture and politics. The only deadly mistake Lupe makes is filling her mixtape with beats from other rappers, compromising Lupe’s original melodies. There are direct imports of beats from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Timbaland. These beats have a poppy, club-like beat and feel that doesn’t match Lupe’s own clever and witty beats and affects the impact of her personal musicality. Lupe works hard to maintain her own originality in her mixes by keeping songs short and increasing the letter quotient. The album is enriched with witty and clever phrases that stick with you. Although mixtape beats are recipes for disaster in more than one case, the album itself reveals Lupe’s way of seeing the world of hip-hop.

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