How to get a Dish Network discount

If you don’t want to be abused any more by cable TV providers, now is the time to subscribe to Dish Network. As a valued Dish Network subscriber, you can relax and enjoy a greater TV entertainment experience. What gives dish networks a winning advantage over cable television is their ability to offer more quality programming and services per entertainment dollar than cable television or Direct TV. However, to get the best deal on Dish Network, you need to know the various ways to get discounts on Dish Network.

Choose the combo package

Not many people know that Dish Network also offers a combo package. You will be surprised to know that this combo package includes satellite television and high-speed DSL service provided by EarthLink. If you’re a Dish Network subscriber and you love channel selection and satellite TV service, but you also want high-speed Internet access, this combo package is just for you. However, you should note that this offer is not available in all areas. Therefore, before deciding on it, do not forget to confirm it by calling the customer service center of the nearest dish network.

This combination package offered by Dish Network has tremendous features. For example, you can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet as a great combined bonus with Dish Network. Other features that are combined with this offer include pop-up blocker, free firewall software, up to 8 email accounts, 20 hours of dial-up use if you are away from home, and 24/7 customer service. a week.

Does DSL fit your lifestyle?

There are many factors that make DSL fit your lifestyle. For example, the first important factor is that DSL offers an always-on connection. If you are one of those who do not have time to wait for the computer to connect to the Internet, DSL is perfect for you.

Discount rate

Also, all of these things are available to you at a reduced price. Receive a discounted rate for two years. All you have to do is subscribe to the Dish Network and EarthLink DSL combo package. The DSL price is $ 44.95 per month, but when combined with a Dish Network package, you can save $ 10 per month. This way, you can see that throughout the year, you can eventually save $ 120.

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