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How to be irresistible to older men

It is important to understand the psychology of older men before deciding to flirt with them. What makes one irresistible to older men can be very simple, and it’s usually the things we take for granted or never pay attention to. Things like recognition, respect, dependency, and dating dynamics, as well as good love itself, can put one at the top of the ladder when it comes to attractiveness.

Recognize your achievements and position:

Who doesn’t want to be recognized and praised for their life’s accomplishments? It is often said that men and their egos are never apart, this is more so for older men who have more to show for the number of years they have been around. Take the time to acknowledge lifetime achievements and shower them with praise. It doesn’t matter if the man is 40, 50 or 60, they all need a little ego stroke and the more you can identify those things the better. It is said that men behave like little children towards their partner/spouse and even worse as they get older. So a compliment can never be too much.

Respect it:

The Bible commands women to respect their husbands. This must have been an old formula for successful relationships because men crave respect. Whether they deserve it most of the time is another story. But older men really shine when they are shown respect, even more so in African culture. Older men like to be called by their totems, for example “Gushungo” which means crocodile totem or “Shumba” which is Lion. I think they associate their power and wisdom with that of the animal. While it may be an exercise in futility targeting younger men for their totem, it can actually be a repository for better rewards if done tactfully for older men. Accompanying the totem must be a small childish voice and the guy just melts and finds that woman irresistible. I also think that in other cultures, different ways of showing respect can be applied, for example, speaking respectfully to a man, not speaking disdainfully, or exercising listening skills can also show that respect. Any show of respect wins over the older man.

Dependency and vulnerability:

Although in a breath it is said that men like independent women; this is more of a criteria aimed at younger men. Older men, on the other hand, like to take care of their women. Again in my culture, it’s a cliché that “older men make good providers.” If a woman has reached a certain age without finding a husband her own age, she is often encouraged to hook up with older men. Regardless of the woman’s age, getting someone at least 5 years older may be enough. Men like responsibility and feel more powerful if they can keep the woman in their lives. Older men are more generous, perhaps because they have accomplished more in life and do not have immediate financial obligations. Here I am talking about men closer to or beyond retirement age. They find it attractive to have responsibility over their partner. Just looking at ads on dating sites reveals that more often than not older men are looking for younger women to spoil. However, this dependence has to be accompanied by the recognition and respect mentioned above. A woman is irresistible if she can be vulnerable and dependent on her man, of course to a reasonable extent.

Older men like to continue the relationship…

In this time when women consider themselves on a par with men and have the right to seek the relationships they like; it can be a disadvantage if it is an older man. Perhaps this could come down to the value system and the amount of experience the older man possesses. I have found that most of the time, older men like to be in charge and continue the relationship. Therefore, it is in the woman’s best interest to flirt and stop there, never to aggressively pursue an older man. They find this behavior threatening and therefore stop in their tracks. It could also be due to their appreciation of good old fashioned romance and therefore they are attracted to women who allow them to be the romantic partner.

love and intimacy

Older guys take love and intimacy seriously. A woman who can show that she appreciates and values ​​these two traits is irresistible because as she gets older, men also like to be pampered like little children. They like genuine love that can stand the test of time, as getting older brings challenges. Perhaps the guy is losing his hair or some other challenge that may threaten her masculinity. Therefore, having a committed partner who understands and can intimately handle problems is an attraction. Older men are afraid of what they call “gold diggers” who spend their money without receiving love in return. Younger men can do it “no strings attached” as they are still experimenting.

So if you’ve set your sights on a sugar daddy, make sure you can handle the above 5 points to be irresistible and hook that older man for the long haul.

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