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How much does the P90x cost?

The P90x Exercise DVDs It seems that many people would like to try this exercise program that promises amazing results in as little as 3 months. Most buyers are drawn to before and after photos that actual users have posted. Since they seem to demonstrate that the system works, the next question would be: how much does the online system cost, the product is very reasonable and comparable to other products. What do you really get at this rate?

1. 10 exercise DVDs: a single purchase includes a set of DVDs that include workouts divided into several videos. Each video features an exercise routine designed specifically for a target muscle group. Most exercises are made up of intense cardio routines that use your whole body, ensuring you get a head-to-toe workout.

2. It’s like having a coach in a box: Invented by Tony Horton, the personal trainer to the stars, he incorporated certain aspects of his service into the package. Tony made sure to get a guide, which is why the DVDs come with an Excel sheet that shows your schedule and tracks your progress. For each day a person performs, one or two exercise videos are assigned. They are organized according to Tony’s secret weapon: Muscle Confusion. According to his theory, human muscles become immune if the same type of exercise is applied daily. Therefore, the exercises are organized to impact the system from time to time, just when you begin to feel comfortable. It is not made to be easy over time. They will continue to surprise and challenge you.

3. Nutrition Guide: The game comes with a diet plan that tells you what kind of food you can eat to supplement your training each day. Some days you will drink more protein, sometimes less. This varies depending on the strength training you are expected to do that day. It will teach you to stay away from fatty foods and those that do nothing to burn the calories you have in your system.

4. After-sales support: not included in the package, but anyone can access the website. There you can expect to speak to a community of other people about the same exercise regimen as you. They have the special lightweight gear that Tony and his team use during workouts, as well as a very responsive help desk to guide you on your journey.

Given all these inclusions, it seems like the product is an incredible buy. But there are still caveats that p90x workouts aren’t for everyone. The reviews will advise beginners, or people who have little or no physical activity, to start with something lighter before embarking on it.

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