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House Season 5 Episode 22 "Divided house"

It seems that House is back; surprising us with his dry sense of humor, as he continued his conversations with his imagination, Amber. Their split personality reveals their inner thoughts through Amber and the charisma they share is a lot of fun. As House calculates his famous medical trial and error, we get to see his somewhat funny side as we host a bachelor party for Chase.

House now seeks his professional insider guide, Amber for her impeccable diagnosis of a young deaf man. During the struggle for the diagnosis, House becomes “conceited” and begins to diagnose the boy for lack of sleep. After a few attempts to figure out what was wrong with the young man, he decided to go ahead with plans for Chase’s bachelor party and make sure to inform his best friend, Wilson. Of course, Wilson is still bitter about his divorce, which is why he insists that he will not come to the party. House is not surprised, but rather wins Wilson’s curiosity by telling him that he doesn’t care if he shows up at the party or not. Little did Wilson know, the party would be held at his apartment!

Now that House has set his party plans, he tries to demonstrate a waiter fire trick at the hospital morgue. House’s comedic side is on display once again when he accidentally lights a body on fire and quickly tries to put out the flames on the dead man’s body.

Of course, House is determined to diagnose the young man while having fun. So he comes up with a brilliant idea (along with Amber’s help, of course) – the vibes of music! So he proceeds to walk to the hospital room, where the young man rests, with a large boom-box from the 90s on his shoulder singing the song “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy. Not to mention, he had sunglasses that were from the ’90s generation! House was sure to come prepared during the diagnosis, I guess.

Back at the party @ House asks Amber for helpful advice, who offers the name of a stripper for this party. A woman named “Karamel” (with a “K”). Turns out Karamel was a stripper from a previous bachelor party House had organized and she liked the fact that you could get body shots with her. Not knowing that Chase was allergic to strawberries, (or was he?) He wasted away in the bathtub of Wilson’s apartment, sipping a bottle of wine while “talking” to Amber. Soon after, Chase licks a drink from Karamel’s abdomen and it tastes like strawberry and then falls to the ground. Fortunately, he’s fine, but they took him to the hospital just to be safe.

I can’t wait to see what the next episode 23 of House season 5, “Under My Skin” brings to this event comedy.

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