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Hot Oral Sex Tips For Women: How To Make Your Man Explode With Pleasure Tonight

As a woman, you have the ability to please your guy out of this world and he can be totally dependent on you when he has an orgasm. Many women are afraid to hone their sexual skills in this way, but all of that is going to change for you today. You want her head to spin with pleasure. You want to learn some hot tips on oral sex for women and you are ready to do it tonight.

You want to give him the best blow job he’s ever had. You want to see his toes bend and see his body shake when your mouth hits him. You want me to feel a pleasure that I have never felt before and you want the reason behind this intense orgasm to be you.

The first hot oral sex tip for women is to be more confident in the bedroom. When you are confident, you are more willing to let go and take control. Plus, you don’t let the little things bother you so easily. This means that you will take some risks in the bedroom and you will not care if they are a success or a failure. The more you let go and the more confident you are, the more he will feel that he can let go, and therefore the more he will enjoy it too.

When you’re giving him oral sex, there are things you can do that will definitely spice him up and drive him crazy. For example, with your man’s member in your mouth, look him in the eye. Very often, people are uncomfortable making eye contact during intimate moments like this. Don’t let the moment miss you or let it take over you. Stand firm, be brave and watch it. This will be an image that you will never forget and that you will keep thinking about for a long time.

Another way to get your man moving in the bedroom during oral sex is to use both hands. Instead of just using one hand on the shaft, if you really want to make him explode with pleasure, don’t neglect his testicles. This point on your body is asking to be touched because too often it is ignored. However, you will no longer allow that to happen and you will touch it there. If you are even more courageous, feel free to use your tongue or your lips at that point on her body as well. You will love it.

These oral sex tips will set your man on fire tonight and you can give him one of the best orgasms he has ever had in his life.

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