Contract padlock manufacturing

So what is contract lock manufacturing? The simple answer is when a customer has a lock maker build a lock just for them.

It is much more complicated than the “Simple Answer”. It usually involves not only the design of a new lock, but also a locking mechanism. Many times, an engineer designs a product for his company, but fails to design an out-of-the-box lock on this new product. At this point it is often cheaper to have a manufacturer design a lock and mechanism, rather than redesign this new product all over again.

Most manufacturers must have a commitment for a large number of locks or a large number of dollars. At that time, a contract is usually made between the company and the lock manufacturer. From here engineering will begin ending with design samples for fit and function. Production samples will then follow. When the company approves the new lock or mechanism, production will begin.

Going from design to production is often a long process and involves many details, such as:

  • Agreement regarding the number of padlocks and price.
  • Who pays the tooling costs.
  • What is a reasonable amount of design and production samples?
  • Material and security level of these new locks and/or mechanisms.
  • Is there any electronics involved in the new products?
  • Does the new lock and/or mechanisms need to communicate with the new product?
  • Delivery dates of this new lock.
  • Quality control throughout the process.

As you can see, this process is not easy. This is one reason why many large lock manufacturers do not go through this process unless the quantities are extremely large. However, there are many smaller manufacturers that specialize in “Custom Lock Manufacturing”. One of those companies is Locking Systems International, they have the ability to design these locks and/or mechanisms in the United States, then the manufacturer in their factories is Asia. There should still be enough of it to make the process worthwhile for everyone involved. However, they can handle lower amounts since their overhead is usually lower.

If your business needs a custom solution for your lockout and product security, you must first decide what kind of lockout mechanisms you need and how many. When you have a clear idea of ​​what you need, start contacting manufacturers.

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