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Cancer: causes and remedies, part four

Natural cure for cancer

Cancer healing must begin where cancer began: the blueprint of the human mind. Anything that is not in your mental pattern cannot happen to you. If cancer has happened to you, the cancer or belief in cancer is in your mental pattern.

I listen to many people, mainly Christians, always talking about not claiming anything. Well, when it comes to a disease, they don’t have to claim the disease because the disease has already claimed them. The fact that you say that you do not claim or that you will not claim a thing does not mean that you will not have or suffer for what you profess not to claim. If you do not claim anything (on the surface with words) but in your heart you fear it and believe in it, YOU GOT IT!

You only have cancer once you believe in cancer. You can only die from cancer if you think you may die from cancer. It is predominantly mental. Why do you think doctors can tell a person that they only have six months to live and that in six months the person dies of cancer? I witnessed this with my father in 1994. Dad was told he only had six months to live and he bought it. The man died in exactly six months.

Doctors know that a cancer patient who receives radiation and inundated with chemotherapy will succumb to these treatments within six months and the cancer will be to blame.

Western doctors are wrong to tell scared and disloyal cancer patients / victims that they only have a certain amount of time left to live. This is wrong on behalf of the doctors. You should never tell a person that they are dying or that they only have a certain amount of time to live. The body manifests what the mind believes. You cannot enjoy life knowing that you are going to die. Most people don’t even really live life, and because they never really learned to live, they are souls who fear dying. As Braveheart said, “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” Most people are alive but they do not “live.”

In the East, doctors do not tell the patient that he has a fatal disease and that he only has a certain amount of time to live. However, they tell family members.

The Big Money of KJLH 102.3 FM front page show here in Los Angeles got mad at me in 2000 because I said on the radio that I would never get cancer. Big Money said he couldn’t say that. He then mentioned the fact that Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan had prostate cancer. Now, what does Minister Farrakhan who has cancer have to do with Djehuty Ma’at-Ra? Farrakhan and Djehuty are two different people and our lifestyles are very different, especially our diets.

I can say that I will NEVER get cancer because I mean it. It is not in my mental pattern. I cannot conceive this in my mind. More importantly, I know what cancer is and what causes it. Even better, I know how to prevent and cure cancer.

So first of all, to cure cancer, you need a strong, positive mindset and a strong will to live.

Your typical degenerate diet MUST change! No more refined meats, dairy, grains and carbohydrates, refined starches, etc. The diet MUST be 100% raw food, preferably organic.

The best foods to eradicate cancer are green foods: kale, parsley, spinach, greens, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Green foods are excellent nutrient-saturated alkaline foods. Green drinks or vegetarian cocktails taken daily are exceptional. They give instant life to cells.

VEGETABLE. Almost all vegetables should and can be eaten. Green vegetables and colored vegetables are the best! Vegetables are ALIVE and laced with enzymes, minerals, and other valuable nutrients. Do not cook the vegetables. Cooking KILLS! Cooked foods played a critical role in cancer in the first place.

FRUITS can also be eaten, but avoid eating lots of citrus fruits and not because they are acidic, because they are not. Despite its natural acids, citrus fruits are very alkaline. Melons are the best fruits to eat in curing cancer, followed by various berries, especially those with antioxidant properties (blueberries, Goji, lycii, elderberry, etc.)

With cancer, I personally prefer to eat vegetables to fruits due to the sugar content of the fruit. Cancer thrives on sugar. Although the sugar in fruit is natural, the body is often too flooded with unnatural sugars and we want to avoid confusion. So start with vegetables first and then incorporate fruits into the healing diet. After a while, Body Intelligence begins to differentiate between natural sugar and unnatural sugar.

OXYGEN / OZONE Therapy. These therapies are important in Europe, where they are also legal, unlike here in the United States. If you have an oxygen machine or ozonator and a body bag / suit, oxygenate or ozone yourself twice a day (45-60 minutes). The oxygen or ozone will penetrate your skin and saturate your blood killing cancer cells instantly. You can also take oxygen / ozone baths daily. In these bathrooms, you leave the machine running while you are in the bathtub. An oxygen / ozone bath should last between 1 and 2 hours. You can enhance this bath by adding a few pounds of sea salt (to alkalize the water) and sulfur from MSM. Each glass of water must be oxygenated or ozonated in addition to being alkaline. If you don’t have an oxygen or ozone machine, you can add oxygen drops (20-30 drops per glass) or 35% (1/8 ounce) food grade hydrogen peroxide to the water. You can also add them to your bath water if you don’t have an oxygen or ozone machine.

Oxygenated Oil (Oz-Oil) can be used to rub the entire body to help oxygenate the body. Oz-Oil is very healing!

MAGNETS are great if you have tumors. You will need strong magnets to shrink the tumors. Magnet force sizes from 4,600 gauss to 14,000 gaass are ideal. The higher the better! Never sleep with magnets over your eyes (avoiding ionization of the brain). Magnets should be applied to the tumor and left on.

HERBS are ideal for curing cancer. You’ll want to use blood-cleansing herbs like echinacea (purpurea, pallida, or angustifolia), goldenseal root, chickweed, manjistha, yellow dock, cerasee, burdock root, and dandelion root. The blood cleansing herbs will also cleanse the lymphatic fluid.

You’ll also want to use herbs for tissue rebuilding and repair, such as comfrey root, burdock root, sarsaparilla, and chaparral.

Herbs that boost the immune system are also great for curing cancer. These herbs include Suma, Ginseng, Astragalus, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Pau D’Arco (LaPacho), Cat’s Claw, Yew Tips, and Codonopsis, to name a few. These herbs stimulate the body’s natural defenses against cancer. They increase the activity of natural killer cells that recognize and destroy cancer cells at first sight and improve the effectiveness of interferon (protective protein when a foreign / invasive substance lurks).

ALGAE is important to consume in curing cancer because it is highly oxygenating, alkalizing and nutritious. The best seaweed to consume are Super Blue Green, Chlorella, Spirulina, Dulse, Irish Moss, and Kelp algae. Seaweed will eradicate the damaging effects of radiation from radiation treatment.

MUSHROOMS are very healing in cancer. You will want to use the healing and therapeutic mushrooms: Reishi, Maitake, and Shitake. Maitake is the most powerful of the healing mushrooms. These mushrooms must be taken in the form of an extract. These fungi greatly help dissolve tumor growth.

WATER or hydrotherapy can be used in the cancer cure regimen. The best water to drink for healing purposes is alkaline water followed by distilled water. You will want to add clear quartz crystal to this water as this will greatly transform the water and make it very healing. Crystal clear water will eradicate the damaging effects of radiation, guaranteed! Adding liquid chlorophyll also increases the healing ability of this water.

CRYSTAL THERAPY is undoubtedly the most important aspect of cancer cure. Crystals work at the energy level where cancer begins. The crystals can make the frequency of the cancer change and thus quickly start the healing aspect of the nucleus.

COLON CLEANING is essential for the cure of cancer. It is very true that all diseases, ailments and even death begin in the colon. However, healing also begins in the colon. Colonics and enemas are essential for curing cancer, especially colon and rectal cancers. Herbs that cleanse the colon include Cascara Sagrada, Senna, Buckthorn, Aloe Vera resin, Rhubarb, Bilwa, Bibitaki, Jalap Root, and Glucommanan, to name a few. Bentonite clay (liquid form) helps remove heavy metal toxins from the colon, as well as mucoid plaque. Drinking Aloe Vera juice is very soothing and healing for the colon. Aloe vera juice is very alkalizing.

VITAMIN B-17 (Laetrile). Leatrile is banned here in the US because it is effective in curing cancer and therefore poses a threat to the cancer monopoly and the US medical cartel (FDA). However, one of the greatest sources of natural vitamin B-17 is wheatgrass, so drink plenty of wheatgrass (while you can).

CANCER CLINICS OF MEXICO are excellent alternative medical facilities in which to seek treatment and cure for cancer. However, what you need to know is that these clinics will not just accept any cancer patient. If the cancer patient is too weak to digest and swallow food or walk, these clinics will not accept the person, so it is best to visit one of these clinics from the beginning. These clinics provide natural biological medical services that are non-toxic and non-invasive, including detoxification, hyperthermia, bio-oxidative therapy, chelation therapy, major and minor hemotherapy, IV, IM, hydrogen peroxide intravenous drip, and colon therapy.

Here is a list of some of the cancer clinics in Tijuana (Mexico):

“Advanced Center for Integrated Medicine”, Allen W. Lloyd Institute Building, Avenida Pasio Tijuana # 406-201, 2nd Floor at the International Border, Tijuana, Mexico 22320 [Mailing; P.O. Box 926, Bonita, California 91908] Phone: (800) 337-1917 Fax: 011-52-66-824920

“American Biologics”, Azucena # 15 La Mesa, TJBC, Mexico [Mailing: Chula Vista, California 91911] Telephone: (800) 227-4458 (619) 429-8200 Fax: 011-52-66-816435

“American Metabolic Institute”, 420 Grandos FRACC La Mesa, Tijuana, BC Mexico [Mailing: 555 Saturn Boulevard Building B, M/S432, San Diego, California 92154] Telephone: (800) 388-1083 (619) 267-1107 Fax: (619) 267-1109

“Bio-Medical Center”, 615 General Ferreira 9 Colonia Ju├írez) Tijuana, BC Mexico [Mailing: P.O. Box 727 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico] Phone: 011-52-84-9011

For a complete list of all cancer clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, contact Promotion Publishing, 3368 F Governor Dr. Suite 144, San Diego, California 92122; Phone: (800) 231-1776

And finally, stop saying and believing that everyone has a cancer cell in their body and that you can feed or fight it. Eliminate that notion. Get it out of your mental pattern.

Remember, with God ALL things are possible, including the cure of cancer.

The power to heal is within (oneself) – Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Peace, Love, Life and Light be for everyone!

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