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Blogging basics for a beginner

We are all beginners somewhere, at some point in life. Today, I can know a lot about Pinterest or Blogging, compared to, say, mailchimp. A beginner starts his blog with enthusiasm only to see it fizzle out later. But what if I told you that blogging is so much more than journaling?

In fact, they can earn a good amount and help each other grow. So you ask me how? Let me dive into this with all the knowledge I have.

My knowledge is based on research, which I do a lot. And, I have also taken classes online.

pin for later

I have explained here, how to start a blog, in case you want to read.

So now that you have a blog, what’s next? Is it okay to just talk about weight loss or do we need something more?

So, just to be clear, your blog can be:

way to win
I used to blog just as a hobby, for years. It’s only recently that I’ve started to “earn” quite a bit too, through blogging. This is another great topic that I will cover later if you all want it.

So back to what the beginning blogger needs to know. There are four things listed below that need your attention more than you think.

social networks
Facebook groups
When I started blogging, I didn’t even know what SEO was. Know what it is? It stands for “search engine optimization.” Generally speaking, it means that your page appears when searched on Google. No, easy, but not too difficult. However, it will take a bit of time to get the hang of it, just like anything else of course.

Your content should be good enough to keep readers coming back to your blog. Even if you’re writing fiction, the content needs to be quality. As they say, content is king. There must be a reason for the reader to share the pots from your blog or to mark them as favorites.

Social media is an amazing way to get organic traffic to your website. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are one of the main social networks. You publish a publication and share the links on your social networks. That’s a smart way to increase traffic.

Although, Pinterest is not a social network. It is a search engine. And it just so happens that getting organic traffic to your blog is pretty cool.

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, FB, Pinterest

Blog breaks are an interesting way to connect with other bloggers and write with them. Many bloggers share a message, many have a theme. For example: I just finished a blog contest where many bloggers wrote about the given prompts.

Now, FB groups are one of the best ways to get good traffic to your blog. But, following the rules is key.

Neha and I created a FB group in November and I could help you with some basics like:



promoting your blog

Collaboration Opportunities




Canva Help

Improving the DA

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Blogging Basics For A Beginner

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