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best selling interior design books

Holly Becker writes Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your House. In this book, top designers come together to share over 1,000 tips on how you can change your room and do it on a budget. You can be inspired by the book’s beautiful color examples, photos of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, as well as checklists, shortcuts, and cost-cutting methods, so you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. as well as an explanation of how to make it possible in your own home.

Christine Lemieux writes Undecorate, a book that heralds a new kind of style that seeks to set aside today’s stifling professional styles and bring its own personality into your home. The book describes about twenty houses across the country and shows how it came to be the way it was by linking it to the particular personality of the owner. Following interests from car geeks turning their master bedroom into a draft trailer, to a couple turning their house into a log home, to someone creating an English mansion, to a variety of other kinds of weird creations that reveal the personality of the builder, this book will show you how to accomplish the same feat.

Domino: The Book of Decorating, written by Deborah Needleman is a book that offers step-by-step guides to decorating your rooms. Whatever styles you prefer, the book will have something along those lines, as well as advice on mixing and matching styles. Domino’s team contribute their own personal design efforts so you can see how they transformed their own rooms and what kinds of styles they decided to work with. This is a great book if you are interested in remodeling a room in your house.

Barbara Streisand’s My Passion for Design is a beautifully illustrated personal tour of the superstar’s homes and collections. From stardom on the Broadway stage, television and film, to her work as a director and her work in the recording studio, Barbara has been an iconic figure with an extraordinary voice and immense talent. Now, in her first book, Barbara gives readers a glimpse of the taste that her beautiful home has inspired. This book focuses on the architecture and construction of her house and contains many photographs of rooms that she decorated herself. Other illustrations include the gardens she planted on her California coastal land. She gives us a look into the world of one of the most beloved stars.

Charlotte Moss Decora: Charlotte Moss’ art of creating elegant and inspired rooms offers singular insight through a beautiful collection of her acclaimed rooms. Moss has led a celebrated career in the world of interior design. Her book offers readers a glimpse into the methods behind her magic. For each room she features, Moss breaks down the numerous stages of the design process, revealing storyboards and sketches developed for each project. Each chapter offers a dose of decorating advice and includes recommendations for her favorite flowers and fragrances.

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