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8 ways men can get and keep a strong erection

Maintaining a strong erection is certainly an important issue for almost all men, especially since at some point, more than half of the male population will experience some form of erectile dysfunction or weak erections. However, many men don’t know that a few simple tips can significantly increase their erection function (and are good for a man’s health, too). Here are eight ways a guy can put weak boners in his rearview mirror and own him.

Strong Erection Shaker #1: Quit Smoking

Smoking is an automatic erection erode. Smoking dehydrates and shrinks the blood vessels in the body, including those to and from a man’s penis. When the blood vessels are not oxygenated and healthy, the blood cannot surge forcefully to cause an erection, so if a man wants to do something good for his (whole) body, quitting smoking is at the top of his game. the list.

Strong Erection Shaker #2 – Get rid of the spare tire

Notice a little too much around the middle lately? Too much belly fat can throw a man’s hormones into chaos. Those love handles are converting testosterone into estrogen, which is the anti-bone hormone. Achieving and staying at a healthy weight is crucial to keeping testosterone levels on track. Testosterone is critical because it kickstarts the entire erection process, so keeping it healthy also keeps your libido healthy.

Strong Erection Shaker #3: Join the Gym – Regularly!

Remember all that talk about blood vessels in #1? Well, your blood vessels need frequent waves of intense oxygenation to keep them swollen and flexible, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep a daily date (or as close to it as possible) to exercise and get your blood pumping.

Bonus: This tip also helps a man gain and maintain his stamina for a good long sex session!

Strong Erection Shaker #4: Make mine a blueberry and soda with a twist

Too much sauce can lead to a weak love life. Alcohol can have a depressing effect on the body, limiting libido and sensitivity. Doctors recommend keeping it to two or fewer drinks per day.

Strong Erection Shaker #5 – Keep Calm and Get Hard

Everyone knows that too much stress can affect a person physically and mentally. It can also make it difficult to obtain wood because it alters the human nervous system, which is part of the emergent process. Find a way to relax, such as meditating, talking, gardening, or just breathing.

Strong Erection Agitator #6: Treat the Root, Not the Symptom

Several underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, are associated with erectile dysfunction. It’s tempting to just take a little blue pill, but that may not work now or in the long run. Be sure to address medical issues first; most of the time, as a result, it will solve the problem of erection.

Strong Erection Shaker #7 – Let It Rest

Sometimes men get weak or non-existent erections because they are paying too much attention to the big guy, leading to desensitization. If this is the case, give your penis some time off for good behavior.

Stronger Erection Agitator #8: Make Penis Health a Priority

Many men don’t really think of penis health as a separate entity, but it is. Doing things like getting to annual exams, doing weekly self-exams, practicing safe sex, and having a good grooming regimen are the basic foundations men must have to keep their penis healthy and erections plentiful. It’s also a good idea use a specially formulated penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil that has been clinically proven to be safe and gentle on the skin) to maintain a happy and healthy penis. Not only does this cream keep the skin elastic and supple, but it also has penis boosters like vitamin C and arginine, which are erection promoters. Use daily for best results.

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