5 Mind-Blowing Tactics That Will Make You Taller Fast – These Tips Will Add Inches To Your Height!

Have you always wanted to know ‘how to grow taller’ but never really been able to gain height? Do you want to be taller to feel more confident and generally look better? Well, then it’s obvious that you need these next underground tips to increase your height, in a matter of days. This is how you can get taller fast…

Do pull-ups or hanging stretches: Stretching your body in a healthy way, for example by doing exercises like pull-ups, won’t cause your joints or body to pop or hurt; and will give you longer lasting results.

Sleep without a pillow under your neck – it’s hard to do, but do it anyway. This has been shown to make you grow faster; regardless of age. You should sleep at least 8 hours per day, for this to be most effective.

Sleep with a pillow under your knees. This obviously requires you to lie on your back when you sleep, and when you raise your knees in this way, you will naturally help your body grow taller.

Do Yoga: Yoga positions are known to help your posture, reduce stress so you can produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to grow taller, and most of all, make you feel better.

Eat lots of broccoli – We are always told to eat our vegetables, but eating broccoli especially will help your body to have the essential nutrients for the production of HGH and the related processes of your body to make it grow.

Do inversion therapy or use an inversion table. Basically, this is hanging from the feet to decompress the spine. The wear and tear of everyday life on your posture combined with constant gravity pulling you down can make you short; therefore, this reverses those effects.

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